DX Cup


Friendly mode is a PVE gaming mode. That means users will be facing NPCs, and not other real players. This would be the player vs DX Cup Environment.
As a coach, you will be able to play as many friendly matches as you want, but your player stamina will be reduced after every match. If you win matches, you will also receive a token compensation, which will be smaller than in career mode (PVP). This gaming mode requires 1 stamina to be spent for every match.

Fee for every match to pick a team for a friendly

- 3-star team: 10 USDX
- 4-star team: 16 USDX
- 5-star team: 25 USDX


- Player winning chances: 50%
- Engine winning chances: 40%
- Draw chances: 10%


3-star team: 30 USDX for every winning match
4-star team: 45 USDX for every winning match
5-star team: 60 USDX for every winning match
In case of draw, users will get their fee back into their wallets.