FAQ - common questions


1.1 - Is there a minimum investment?

In order to attract all audiences to the DX Cup, there will be no minimum or maximum value for the purchase of $DXC, leaving the investment value at the discretion of each player.

1.2 - How long will the ICO last?

The ICO phase will last 7 months as per the DX Cup schedule.

1.3 - What currency can I use to buy DXC?

The purchase is made only by using USDT through the BEP-20 network.

PLEASE NOTE: The purchase will not be confirmed and money may be lost on the network if using another currency or through a network other than USDT through BEP-20 network.

1.4 - How do I create my DX Cup account?

Go to www.dxcup.com, click REGISTER at the top of the site and fill in your details to be able to create your DX Cup account!

1.5 - How to buy in ICO?

To buy DXC, login to your account and go to the BUY DXC option in the menu. Enter the amount in USDT you want to buy and the amount of DXC at the current price will appear next to it. Click BUY NOW to proceed. An invoice will be generated for payment, which can be done through the QR code or by copying the DX Cup wallet.

Reminder: Payment can only be made using USDT through BEP-20 network!

Once this is done, wait for the transaction confirmation to be able to view your DXC tokens in your account.

1.6 - How to configure 2FA code?

Access your account and click on SETTINGS, then on GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR and follow the step by step to configure your 2FA via QR Code or by copying the code.

1.7 - Can I transfer DXC between players, even in ICO?

The transfer of $DXC tokens between players is allowed in any phase.

1.8 - Is there a fee to transfer?

Yes, a fee of 1 USDT + 2% of the transferred amount.

1.9 - How do I transfer?

To transfer between players you need to access your account, click on TRANSFER and then you will need the USERNAME of the player you will receive and the amount of DXC that will be sent. Once this is done, click TRANSFER. To complete the transfer, you will be asked for the 2FA code and that's it! Transfer successful!

1.10 - What is the maximum supply of the token?

After the ICO period, the maximum supply will be stipulated according to the amount of tokens sold.


If you already have your DX Cup account, just access it and your referral link will already be available on the main page. Click copy and send it on to your friends!

2.2 - How many levels can I win?

A player can earn by indicating up to 4 levels of DXC token purchases made directly or indirectly through their invite link, each level corresponds to a 10% reward as below:

  • 1st LEVEL: 10%

  • 2nd LEVEL: 10%

  • 3rd LEVEL: 10%

  • 4th LEVEL: 10%

2.3 - What currency do I receive?

Referrals are paid in USDT, which can be converted into DXC tokens.

2.4 - Can I withdraw my bonus?

All rewards accrued through referrals during the ICO phase of the DXC token can be instantly withdrawn to a USDT wallet with support for the BEP20 network.

2.5 - What is the minimum I can redeem?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $20.

2.6 - Is there a fee to withdraw bonuses?

3% of the requested amount + BEP-20 network fee, which varies according to the time of the transaction

2.7 - How do I withdraw?

Click WITHDRAWAL on the menu. In this option you can enter your USDT wallet address - BEP20 to withdraw the bonus directly to it or you can also use the bonus to buy more DXC tokens. In both transactions, the 2FA code will be requested for validation.

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