DX Cup


Players are one of the most important pieces inside the game, and they will determine any team’s success into DX Cup. Players will be directly involved in our metaverse solution, since they will be able to be minted as NFTs. They evolve through their careers, while they represent their clubs participating in DX Cup tournaments. Players’ statistics improve and their market value increases through more games being played and more training sessions performed.

Types and player rarity

- Intermediary
- Ultimate
Outfield players:
- Junior
- Intermediary
- Ultimate

Player statistics

- Speed: 0 a 100
- Kicking: 0 a 100
- Passing: 0 a 100
- Dribbling: 0 a 100
- Defense: 0 a 100

Stamina generated on a daily basis:

- Junior: 1
- Intermediary: 2
- Ultimate: 2